Jeep JL MASS Storage System

This is the foundation of your MASS setup in your Jeep JL! The standard JL MASS platform, launched a few years ago, remains a reliable choice. Recently, we introduced the MASS Plus version, which eliminates the need for dog bone cutouts and adds steel, threaded nut plates underneath for easy attachment of modules like drawers or fridge slides. The MASS Plus also features access panels for the cargo cubby area in your Jeep.

Both versions share the same mounting pattern, ensuring compatibility with drawers and fridge slides, and utilize the same steel mounting rails for structure and support.

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MASS Platform

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MASS Plus Platform

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We offer multiple drawer options for your Jeep JL, available in 3”, 4”, and 6” configurations, with optional locks. You can mix and match to create the perfect setup for your gear. Whether you have rear seats or aftermarket parts, our drawers provide versatile solutions. For instance, two 6” and one 4” drawer stack perfectly on the passenger side, still allowing rear seat usage. Explore various configurations to keep your Jeep organized and ready for any adventure!

Available Sizes: 3in, 4in, & 6in


Fridge & Flat Slides

Our Jeep JL fridge slides are designed to accommodate a wide range of aftermarket 12V fridges and coolers, offering several configurations to suit your needs. The flat slides, available in 6×3 and 6×4, are perfect for larger fridges. The standard 6×4 slide fits many fridge models, while a wider option is ideal for Dometic CFX3 35 and 45 fridges. For a complete kitchen setup, the Flip’n Slide features dual locking slides, a pull-out bamboo table, and compatibility with Dometic CFX3 45, all while retaining rear seat functionality.

Ultralight slides

Our ultralight fridge and flat slides are lighter and more affordable options for your Jeep JL. Though they have a lower load rating, they are half the weight of standard slides, making them easy to handle and install.

slightly wider slider

The slightly wider slider pairs perfectly with Dometic CFX3 35 and 45 fridges, ensuring a secure fit and easy access.

6×4 flat slide

Our flat slides come in two configurations: the 6×3, which is slightly shorter and lacks locking slides, and the 6×4, which fills the MASS platform and is ideal for larger fridges.

Flip’n slide

The Flip’n Slide is your ultimate kitchen setup for the rear of your Jeep JL. It features dual locking slides rated at 500 lbs, allowing you to pull out your fridge easily. Additionally, it includes a pull-out bamboo table for convenient meal prep.


Jeep JL Products

Flip’n Slide! (6×4)

From: $1,200.00

Cargo Management

Flat Slide – 6×4


Adjustable Height Cargo Shelf

Need extra storage in your Jeep JL? Our adjustable height storage layer maximizes space, perfect for 1-2 week excursions or a weekend getaway.

It adds an extra layer for gear or groceries, keeping everything organized. No more digging for your flashlight at the bottom of your pack!

This could be the cherry on top of your MASS System, allowing easy access to larger items up top and keeping your essentials neatly stored below.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Dometic Go Water Jug Mount Kit

From: $39.95


We offer four mounting options for the dual ARB compressor in your Jeep JL. The under-seat mount provides easy access and quick tire filling. The cargo compressor mount fits gas and eco-diesel JL models, while the single compressor mount is perfect for the 392 models. Our Tailgate Air Command System (TACS) includes a fold-down tray and optional accessories. Lastly, the Spare Tire Compressor Mount places the compressor behind the spare tire for easy access and out-of-the-way storage.

From: $400.00
From: $149.95
From: $150.00

Tailgate air command system (t.a.c.s.)

Our TACS allows you to mount a dual ARB compressor inside the tailgate. It features a fold-down tray, MOLLE panel, and optional APEX hose reel, air chuck, and switch for added convenience.

Cargo Compressor mount

The cargo compressor mount is compatible with both gas and eco-diesel JL models. For single ARB compressor needs, the 392 mount paired with our JL remote ARB brackets relocates the coupler, switch, and compressor filters behind the C-pillar for easy access.

Under seat dual compressor mount

Mount your dual ARB compressor under the front seat for easy access and quick tire filling. This option works with all models except those with power seats, allowing for convenient connection kits on both sides.

spare tire compressor mount

This mount positions the compressor behind the spare tire on the outside of the tailgate, keeping it out of the way yet easily accessible.

Additional Mass add-ons

Available Add-ons: Rear Seat Delete, Fire Extinguisher Bracket, Milwaukee Packout, Universal Paper Towel Holder, Dometic Go Jug Mount, Dometic Faucet Relocation Kit, Tailgate ‘VersaTable’

Jeep JL Products

Jeep JL Rear Seat Delete

From: $0.00
From: $55.00

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Dometic Go Water Jug Mount Kit

From: $39.95
From: $0.00

vehicle extras

Available Extras: Front & Rear Inner-Fenders, High-Line Fender Lights, A-Pillar Light Bracket, Overhead Molle Shelf, Door MOLLE Pockets/Panels, Back of Seat MOLLE Panels.

From: $319.95
From: $0.00

Jeep Gladiator Products

Jeep JL – JT Overhead MOLLE Shelf