Military Discount

Our Commitment To Giving Back

Having served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps. Our owner and founder Brit Mansell is committed to giving back to fellow service members and first responders.

With that commitment being of one of our most important goals to fulfil, he extends the offer of a 15% discount on most of our products. We say most, as there are a few things that we either don’t have the ability to legally discount or products that do not have the margins to give discounts on. 


  • Jeep JL High-Line Fender Braces with Daytime Running Lights
    Reason: There simply isn’t any margin in that product. Once we are able to stabilize the margins and processes making them, we will consider discounting them.
  • Jeep JL ARB Compressor Remote Kit
    Reason: This and other ARB Items consists mostly of products we buy from other vendors and offer through us, so there isn’t a 15% margin to give. 
  • Product’s branded “American Adventure Lab – SkunkWerx”
    These products are in active development and do not have 15% margin in them. Once fully released and out of development in the future, they will be eligible for this discount. 
Please note this list in non-exhaustive and ongoing as we develop and design products.
Some items on this list may be subject to change. 

This discount applies ONLY to products that we manufacture and is limited to a maximum of $200.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us through our contact page.