Independence Day Celebration – Moab/Telluride/Ouray

With the impending long weekend of Independence Day, Alex and I made plans to head up in elevation to the Telluride and Ouray area. After putting in a full day of work on Friday, we piled the family into the JL and hit the road, meeting up with Alex in Moab (just north of town) for a quick overnight camp stop. It’s hard to beat Moab as a “quick stop” along the route.

While in the mountains, we were able to hit both Imogene Pass and Black Bear Pass. Those are some of the most scenic trails in the country. It’s amazing to be able to hit both of them in the span of a few hours.

After the trails, we met up at Rotary Park for a little rock climbing. Huge thank to Kara and her friends for showing us the ropes, quite literally. This was our first time rock climbing and we may be hooked.

Jeep JL Equipment

Here’s a list of the AAL products we are currently taking on these adventures for our family of four.

Currently, we sleep in a four person Gazelle tent and are really happy with it. Unfortunately, it will not fit inside the JL. So, we strap it onto the Spare Tire Platform. That setup works great for us. We keep the roof profile and center of gravity low. I also like the ability to sleep in a different spot than we park the Jeep. Every setup has its compromises. The setup and teardown time is significantly longer with this setup. We’ll be doing some work with roof top tents soon for a good comparison. 

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