St George to Grand Gulch Mine

Most weekends, we load up one of the Jeeps and head out into the desert. Most of the trips are centered around natural scenery or rock trails. When we do trips like that, it’s tough to get the kids excited about it. In an effort to make it more exciting for them, we decided this trip would end up at an old abandoned copper mine, the Grand Gulch Mine.

The route consists mostly of very well kept dirt roads with only the last section slightly questionable, and by slightly, I mean a high clearance 2WD vehicle should be fine.

More info on the Grand Gulch Mine

Along with the route displayed below, there is also a secluded outlook over the Grand Canyon called Twin Point. We will be exploring that location very soon. Unfortunately, rain turned us away on this trip. Seriously, rain. In the desert…

Download Full GPX Route


Jeep Gladiator Dual Compressor Mount

The comfort of this trip is greatly increased when you are able to lower the tire pressure. To do that, you need to be self sufficient to re-air. We sell a bracket kit that allows you to quickly and easily mount the ARB Dual Compressor into the bed of your Gladiator. Onboard air is almost priceless on long trips like this.

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Photo Gallery from Grand Gulch Mine

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