Hog Canyon – Kanab, UT

Hog Canyon - Kanab, UT

We often joke that we take day trips to places where others take vacations. Today was no exception. The Southwest has seemingly endless day trip destinations and Hog Canyon definitely offers enough spectacle to make for a worthy day trip.

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Possibly the World’s Best Pretzel! Seriously.

Anytime we come close to the Edge of the World Brewery in Colorado City, AZ, we make any excuse we can to stop in and grab a pretzel. Although the pretzels are possibly the best in the world, the rest of the food is also amazing. Eat here!

Edge of the World Brewery, Colorado City, AZ

As far as technical rock crawling goes, this one is not challenging. There are a couple of pucker spots, but nothing to really test your driving ability or vehicle capability. Jeep the USA gives this trail a “solid 3.0”. Most of the trail is a basic dirt road, but the handful of technical spots raise the overall rating.

Unfortunately, we were not able to explore all of the trails due to time constraints, but it has definitely made our list to re-explore sometime in the near future. We’re looking forward to the return trip!

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