Trail Hero Product Preview

Trail Hero 2018 took place about 5 miles from our shop and was an absolute blast. It was great to see so many off road enthusiasts in town and excited about the unique terrain southwestern Utah has to offer.

The event really sneaked up on me. I wasn’t planning on having any type of company presence at the event until I discussed the idea with the event coordinators. They were very encouraging to have another local company participate as a vendor. After that spark, I crammed about 150 hours of work into a week and half to put the finishing touches on the M.A.S.S. storage system for the Jeep JLU. I was able to get a close-to-production prototype installed into our J-Lo (our company Jeep JL). I setup the JL right in the middle of the vendor showcase and fielded questions all evening about the setup. I met quite a few people who are following along with the YouTube channel and quite a few people who expressed interest in purchasing a M.A.S.S. system of their own. It was very encouraging to talk to all of you at the event. I appreciate your interest in our brand.

Trail Breaker

I have seen YouTube videos of this event from past years, but nothing prepared me for the insanity of seeing it in person. I shot a ton of video, which will end up on our YouTube channel soon.

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The Metalcloak CTI trailer was on site at the event. I rarely pass up an opportunity to test a machine at this level, so of course I had to throw the new Jeep JLU Rubicon up on the trailer.

I was on a mission to get as much clearance as possible. So, off with the inner fenders. These will be replaced soon with aluminum inner fenders.

The Jeep JLU Rubicon scored a 760 on the trailer. Not bad for a mall crawler.

Huge thanks to Corey Osborne, of Modern Jeeper, for manning the trailer while I ripped apart the JL.

2 thoughts on “Trail Hero Product Preview

    • britm says:

      Hey, Scott. Thanks for checking out the MASS system. I have, what I think to be, the production design of the plate system being cut next week. I will have it a couple of days after that. If that design works out like I want it to, it will be ready on Jan 1. The drawer system should be ready at that time as well.

      I am still making bold design changes to the bumper system. I don’t have an accurate ETA on that. I wish I had better info for you on that one. However, if you want to subscribe to the mailing list, I will update that list with release dates on all products.

      For some good news, the final version of the spare tire delete is on it’s way to me in the big brown truck. I should have the new version available on the site by the end of next week.

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