SEMA Show 2018 Coverage!!!

It’s that time of year again (the SEMA crunch), where every product manufacturer rushes around like a crazy person trying to get vehicle builds finished, prototypes printed, and final booth assemblies done. For most automotive-based companies, their entire product release plan is built around this show.

I am on hand at this years SEMA show in Las Vegas again this year. Below are a few of the highlights from the show so far. I focused mostly on video at the show this year, so I didn’t shoot the 1000+ photos I usually shoot this time.

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If you need a tow, this vehicle in the Lund booth can probably give you a hook!

It’s always good to see Mike Bergman’s Ultra 4 car. This vehicle has a unique rear suspension setup that has proven to be very effective. Check out UFO’s Facebook page for more information.

Our friends over at SSO (Southern Style Off Road) had their rack on a very well built Toyota 4Runner. It turned out great.

Ummm… Yeah. I should probably not comment on this vehicle. It’s better to plead the 5th.

Although not really adventure related, I do appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail on this F250.

Again, not adventure related, but you can’t deny the coolness factor with this one. I can’t wait to see where this company takes this concept. It was one of the top highlights of the show for me. Check out Bullet Concepts for more information.

To make up for the previous two groups of photos, I give you a IFS Willys Pickup!!!! Surely this scores me some brownie points.

How about a Unimog Overlander in the Nexen Tire booth?

This is absolutely the cleanest Toyota FJ40 I have ever seen. It was a beautiful restoration.

Any LSU fans out there? If so, I hope you can see the beauty in this one. Good work, but extremely unique style.

The guys over at Bruiser Conversions were a part of the BFG Garage event and shoehorned a nice LS3 into a new Jeep JL. Very cool process.

I’m pretty sure this was my favorite build at the show. It combines all of the things I like in a vehicle (OBS Ford, flat bed, diesel, engine swap, great suspension, etc.). I would definitely make a wheel and tire change, but other than that, this would make a nice addition to the fleet. I have a lot more video of this truck that will make it into one of the upcoming YouTube videos. Subscribe to the AAL YouTube channel.

Check out Any Level Lift for more details on their innovative hydraulic/coilover hybrid suspension.

One of my favorite new products at the show is the new Nomad wheel by TerraFlex. The innovative part of this wheel is the dual quick-release air valve. I talked to one of the guys there and he said it would drop the tire pressure from 40psi to 10psi in about 20 seconds. The valves also prevent the pressure from dropping below 10psi.

The wheel also has an extra lip on the inside of the bead which will help prevent the tire coming off of the bead at low pressures.

I would love to get my hands on a set of these and put them through the test.

For more information on this innovative product check out the press release from TerraFlex.

WARN Industries had several new products released at SEMA including an all new line of UTV winches with intelligent user feedback. These will be the “Axon” line of winches.

They also displayed a retro winch to simulate the old WARN 8000 winches. This will be a very popular option for restoration projects. It looks like this is currently listed as limited edition 70th Anniversary Winch. I suspect that if sales justify, it will stick around for a while.

These things were everywhere.

Here is another of my favorites. This truck looks like you might actually be able to use it for something. I’m not sure what, but something, maybe.

One of the most unique vehicles at the show was the Karlman King SUV. This thing is a beast! It is built on a F550 platform and has been spared no expense. They are only making a limited number of them, but they are definitely spectacular, and huuuuge!

The new Ford Ranger platform looks to be a solid competitor to the reigning overland pickup king, Toyota Tacoma. I am excited to see how the market develops for this truck. This one was already tricked out and looked great.

Well, that wraps up the still photos from the 2018 SEMA Show. The crowd was huge and many parts of the show were absolutely packed. It’s going to be a good year for the automotive aftermarket.

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