SEMA 2019 – We did it!

ATLAS - Articulating Tent System

The amount of activities we packed into the last month before SEMA was astonishing. Between trying to build the Gladiator, moving into the new shop, filling orders, customer installs, and more, we definitely burned the candle at both ends.

Was it worth it??? You decide.

Jean, NV Photo Shoot

@ExploreElements doing his thing out on the lake bed.

More Coming Soon

I shot a ton of video during the hard times of the build; where we had almost no sleep for several days. It should make for some entertaining video.

I will also be doing some articles and videos about the components we chose for the Gladiator.


Media Coverage is Rolling In

As these popup, I’ll try to get them all added to the site. If you see a video featuring our products that isn’t listed, please let us know.

12 thoughts on “SEMA 2019 – We did it!

  1. Daniel Hurley says:

    Will you guys be producing the full sized bed rack you displayed @ SEMA?
    Very interested.
    Dan Hurley – Monster Energy

    • britm says:

      Thanks, Erika. We really appreciate that! I hope to have them ready for purchase in Q1. We’re adding a ton of functionality to it now.

    • britm says:

      Hi Emilio, thanks for commenting! I do plan on releasing this for most major truck platforms in 2020. The Colorado/Canyon is definitely on that list.

    • britm says:

      Hey Tim. Thanks for your interest! We have been making some updates to the design. The production version will debut at the Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion at the end of August. We will be building the first few units to order while we build out the production processes. They should be available to order at the event and online then. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Glad to help!

    • britm says:

      Absolutely. I have made a few updates and we finally have the patent submitted, so things are moving right along. We’re going to be building another round of them in the next few days.

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