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Show me the Jeep JL Powder Coat Colors

Powder Coat Options

We get asked pretty often about different shades of powder coat and how they look applied to various products. This page will serve as a living list of powder coated products. We’ll add to this list as products roll in.

Most of our powder coat comes from Prismatic Powders. They have a great website setup that has a lot of information on their colors. If you would like to find a powder coat color close to your OEM paint color, we suggest going to the following URL and seeing if they have already done the legwork to match one of their colors.

Powder Coating Colors & Custom Coatings | Shop | Prismatic Powders

Lower down the page are the list of Jeep JL powder coat colors often chosen by our customers.

Gloss Black

Textured Black

Satin Black

The satin black can vary slightly. What you can see here is typical of the luster of the satin black.

Gloss Red

Non-Standard Colors

Frequently Asked Questions

Powder coating is an art, and thus succumbs to the criticism and curiosity of such. Hopefully the information here helps to shed some light on the powder coating process. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at sales@aal.cx.

They will add a layer of protection, however if at any time they are scratched or nicked, it will leave the material open to corrosion.

No, it is not nearly as aggressive or protective. Unlike those coatings it will scratch and show rub marks or wear down over time with lots of traffic.

Powder coat choices with a two coat process will yield slightly more protection than the single coat processes just due to thickness. Textured colors are perceived as more durable because they are better suited to disguise chips and nicks (ie. Inner Fenders) than your Satin or Gloss coatings. Gloss is the hardest coating to make perfect. Any debri caught in the process will show due to the high level of reflection.

Powder coating is an extremely different process than paint. It is not something they can usually mix to match, you would need to look through www.prismaticpowders.com and order swatches to hold up to your color if you can’t find a suitable color online. If you have a local powder coater that can see your color in person that is probably the best route for color matching! IMPORTANT – If you want an exact paint match, you should order products from us in raw/unfinished form and work with a local body shop to match your specific vehicle.

Jeep JL Powder Colors

NOTE: These are not matches for your OEM paint. These are colors that resemble OEM colors. We do not create the colors. We cannot vary the color or pigmentation of these colors. We are providing this list as a starting point. If you are looking for paint match, you need to work with a local body shop to match your specific vehicle.

The list below is a living list. It changes as colors change. We have had several colors change availability and makeup over time. If you get a custom color, please be aware that there is a possibility of that color going out of production.



Granite Crystal Metallic




Billet Silver Metallic


Snazzberry Pearl

https://www.prismaticpowders.com/shop/powder-coating-colors/UPB-5772/strawberry-fusion  (Not a super close match)

Experimental – Candle Green with Lollypop Red Top Coat





Sarge Green


Bright White



Punk’n Orange




Punk’n Metallic Orange


Bikini Pearlcoat


https://www.prismaticpowders.com/shop/powder-coating-colors/UPS-1680/aqua-clear OVER https://www.prismaticpowders.com/shop/powder-coating-colors/PMS-0517/heavy-silver



Ocean Blue Metallic


Hydro Blue