Lead Times

NOTE: These lead times are subject to change based on availability of material that we need to receive in order to build these products. Reach out to sales@americanadventurelab.com for a more exact lead time on specific products.

Generally, for raw/unfinished products that don’t need any additional items or powder coating can be shipped out within 1-2 weeks as long as we have everything on the shelf and ready to go. It may require an additional day or two if we still need to cut and/or bend some additional components.

For textured or satin black powder coated items that typically adds between 3-5 weeks to the order depending on our powder coat shops backlog. The “other colors” like reds, blues and yellows can add 5-8 weeks to the raw/unfinished lead time but definitely worth the wait.

But again, these times are subject to change based on current demand and other things that may arise. So please reach out to us if you’re looking for a more exact lead time on the item you’re wanting to order.